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Strength Training for Runners

The internet is full of ‘amazing’ exercises for runners and programmes to make you faster…are any of them actually any good? In my opinion, not really!

Its all well and good giving someone a list of 10 exercises and saying they are all fantastic to help runners get stronger but they usually involve a plank, weighted plank, burpees and a lot of other very non-specific and pretty archaic exercises. These may look great during a bootcamp or PT session, but will they ACTUALLY help improve your running conditioning or reduce your injury risk? Meh..

The vast majority of running injuries are lower limb and are typically classed as 'overload' injuries. This means an accumalitive stress over time which leads to pain and injury. This is often down to certain areas becoming progressively tight, weak or both! A prime example of this is hip / pelvic weakness being a route cause of knee / achilles issues!

We have proposed a running specific traning programme which aims to give you the tools, info, exercises and KNOWLEDGE to improve your body conditioning as a keen runner and hopefully, help you keep away form pesky niggles and event ruining injuries.

As a Physio who specialises in sports injuries, I spend so much of my time correcting exercises clients have been given by PT’s or teaching people new movement patterns, I thought why not put all of these ideas in one place and give people access to it!

This should not replace consulting your Physio if you are injured, however, if you are a regular or aspiring runner and keen to get stronger, faster and stay injury free…THIS IS FOR YOU!

Contact us now for a taster of our RUNNING CONDITIONING PROGRAMME.

Written by Declan Foley

BSc (hons) Physiotherapy


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