Our competitive pricing structure gives you various options depending on your goals, and we are always happy to advise which may be most relevant to you!

Treatments are based around the most up to date evidence and research; we work hard to provide you the best!

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we work with you to plan a programme of recovery

Initial Assessment and Treatment

Full Head to Toe Analysis

Accurate Diagnosis

Education in the Nature of Your Injury

Treatment Service

Plan & Programme to Progress With

£50 – 60 Minutes

Follow Up

Recap on Your Current Condition

Full 30 Minute Treatment Service

Acupuncture, Taping and Manual Therapy, as required

Plan & Programme to Progress With

£40 – 30 Minutes

Initial Assessment and Video Analysis

Full Body Assessment

Tailored Video Analysis Programme

Accurate Feedback on Movement Patterns

Plan of Action

A Must for Serious Athletes

£55 – 60 Minutes

Follow Up and Rehabilitation

Best Combination for Speeding Up Progress

Treatment and Rehabilitation

Full 30 Minute Treatment Service

Followed by a Specific Rehabilitation Session

Performed in a Fully Equipped Gym

Plan & Programme to Progress With

£50 – 60 Minutes


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